Every vehicle is composed of a variety of systems. These automotive systems include the engine system, electrical system, steering system, suspension system, brake system and of course, the exhaust system. Each one of these systems performs a particular function but all have the same goal, to enable the car to function as it should be. Now, since cars are one of the main contributors of air and noise pollution, better talk about the car's exhaust system or your Cadillac exhaust system.

Your Cadillac exhaust system carries away gases produced when air and fuel are burned in the combustion chamber. When your engine burns fuel, it creates gases such as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide. These gases are not only harmful to humans but to our environment as well. Consequently, your car's exhaust system, through the catalytic converter, cleans up such detrimental gases by breaking down the gas compounds.

Another function of your Cadillac exhaust system is to lessen the noise created by your engine. Noise is one of the "wastes" generated by car engines. Gases leave your engine at very high pressure. If such gases escaped directly out of your engine, tremendous noise would be created. And so to diminish this noise, your Cadillac exhaust system allows the exhaust gases pass through your Cadillac muffler. Your Cadillac muffler can be found underneath your car at the rear.

Today, mufflers use two methods for better noise reduction and these include the absorption method and the reflection method. The absorption approach has absorbing materials made of fiberglass and steel and coated with a bend metal sheet. The noise that passes through these layers gets noticeably diminished. The reflection method on the other hand, works in an entirely unlike manner. It just employs destructive interferences. Using a resonating chamber where two opposite sound waves meet and cancel each other out, improved sound reduction is obtained.

Meanwhile, your Cadillac muffler can rust out over time and could fall off your car. Thus, frequent checkups on your Cadillac exhaust system should be done. Make sure that your Cadillac muffler is always rust-free and securely clamped. Once you experienced a noisier exhaust, clunking, or rattling, a muffler replacement is needed. Failure to replace your defective Cadillac muffler will just make your head spin. It may only keep your Cadillac vehicle from passing state-required smog tests; hence have it changed right away.

There's a wide variety of replacement mufflers out there. There are high-performance mufflers like the cancellation muffler, the diffusion muffler and the absorption muffler available. All you have to do is browse the net and a lot of online auto parts providers will cater your needs. Parts Train is one place to go, to find your new Cadillac muffler.