The highly noticeable noise when you crank up the engine or when your automobile is cruising lets you know that you have a malfunctioning Buick Special muffler, most likely due to oxidation or even exposure to the harsh properties. You will likely identify dents or corroded parts somewhere in the muffler of your Buick Special that's busted. To direct poisonous exhaust gases out of the interior and be sure that your car can take advantage of better gas flow, exhaust system components need to be in top condition.

Other than reducing sound off the car, the muffler of your Buick Special cleans up the gases, so emissions could be less harmful. The disadvantage to using a damaged Buick Special muffler is decreased fuel mileage; hence, if you want to spend less on money on fuel, particularly with soaring fuel prices, you'd better fix it. For you to enjoy enhanced output from your auto, you should replace the stock muffler of your Buick Special with a direct-fit replacement to repair ruined chain in the car exhaust.

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