Buick Rendezvous Muffler

Made to reduce exhaust noise, the Buick Rendezvous muffler is actually composed of a series of pipes that bounce off and cancel out soundwaves. Your car will still work with a busted muffler, but with all the noise it produces, it's better to just switch off the engine. In some US states, it's quite possible to be handed a traffic ticket when caught driving without a properly functioning auto muffler.

Keeping your auto's muffler up and working basically requires maintenance. Indications that you need to buy a replacement muffler are when your ride is too noisy, or if there's a huge crack or dent on the muffler. Subtle signs are a billow-like smoke pumped out from the tube, and a car engine that overheats frequently. For a surefire method of determining what the issue is, closely examine this component, or have your vehicle looked at by a mechanic.

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