When it comes to sporty and sleek vehicles, a lot of names in the automotive industry would typically come out. And surely, you won't be surprise if Audi is among those names. Being an automaker that offers great rides in very elegant fashion, superior performance and durable models, Audi is among the most acclaimed brand names of automobiles today. From the stylish interior to the shiny exteriors of an Audi vehicle, you'll surely consider an Audi as among the prized possessions that you have. Added to this, you'll love the efficient and capable power house of any Audi you'll get.

And when it comes to performance equipment, Audi have it all. All parts and systems are ensured of quality and durability. And among these systems is the exhaust system. This is the system that's responsible for expelling those harmful waste gases from your engine. It is also tasked to direct the waste gases away from your Audi's passenger cabin.

The exhaust system in your Audi is basically designed to send out the burnt and unsafe gases from its internal combustion engine. And if you'll look closely, you will find out that this exhaust system is composed of several pipes and other vital components including catalytic converter, turbocharger and muffler. Now, all these components have specific functions. The catalytic converter is tasked to reduce the air pollution being emitted by the vehicle's engine. The turbocharger is the one tasked to increase the engine power of your Audi. And when it comes to emission and noise reduction during operation, you can count on your Audi muffler.

Basically, mufflers are located underneath your vehicle; specifically at the rear end part. And inside these mufflers are tubes that have holes. They are tuned just like musical instruments to reflect the sound waves that your Audi's engine produced. This way, your Audi mufflers can partially cancel the noises that your Audi produced during driving. To be able to perform these tasks, mufflers have parts which include inlet, perforators, outlet and resonator chamber.

With all the functions and benefits that your Audi muffler can offer, you'll surely be delighted to have it underneath your ride. However, muffler has one major drawback; some of them may produce high backpressures. And backpressures mean less power.

But, you need not to worry as there are several Audi mufflers available nowadays that can reduce backpressures. There are noise-cancelling mufflers or high-performance mufflers available nowadays. These are, basically, mufflers designed with straight steel pipe and perforators which can allow sound-canceling with only very little backpressure produced. So if you need great Audi mufflers, you can look in shops such as Parts Train. Parts Train is an online shop offering great choices of Audi mufflers and other vital Audi parts.