Driving can be a very pleasurable experience, especially if it is your own car you are driving. It is a great experience if your car can be easily handled on the road. Likewise, people who see you in a superb car will be full of admiration. However, that pleasurable experience will be dampened down if there is a harsh sound grating in your ears. And if that sound is emitted to the environment, people you pass by will reward you with frowns instead of a smile.

A car is not only judged as excellent by its manageability and road performance but also of the comfort and ease it gives to the driver. If you are a driver who likes to feel relaxed during the drive, for sure you wouldn't be at ease in a car that produces so much noise. In order to avoid this, your car's exhaust system should be equipped with a highly functional muffler. If you encounter any vehicle that produces a very harsh noise you can be sure that it does not have a muffler.

All types of cars have this feature so that the noise produced by the internal combustion engine will be reduced when it goes out of the car. When you think about it, the function of the muffler may just sound so simple but if you look closely inside the muffler itself you will see a complex mechanism. All mufflers today make use of two methods for noise reduction and these are through absorption method and the reflection method.

The muffler that offers the absorption technique consists of perforations and is surrounded by absorbing materials. The absorbing materials usually made of fiberglass and steel are also coated with bend metal sheet. With all these layers present, the sound that passes gets noticeably reduced. But compared to other techniques like that of the reflection, absorption yields low damping out of sound from the internal engine. The reflection technique works in an entirely different manner because it only makes use of destructive interferences. Sound reduction is achieved by using a resonating chamber where two opposite sound waves meet and cancel out each other. This kind of muffler works much better than the absorbing muffler since it greatly diminishes the sound produced.

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