Car Mud Flaps

Whether you often use your vehicle for on- or off-road driving, make sure to equip it with a mud flap or mud guard, which plays an important role in keeping road debris away from your car, other vehicles, and pedestrians. Rubber or metal flaps are attached behind the tires in order to effectively block mud and debris that can hit pedestrians or scratch your car. Retouching a paint job can be costly and time-consuming, so make sure to protect your car with the right mud guards.

Mud flaps are offered in two basic materials -- the sheet metal and rubber or rubber-composite. Though both of them provide durability and longevity to your wheel well, they have a few differences. Rubber or rubber composite mud guards can either be flexible or rigid. But either way, this kind of mud guard is sturdy enough to prevent road debris from hitting the car. In addition, some rubber mud guards can have customized designs to complement your vehicle's overall look. However, rubber flaps can get blown out of position when driving at high speeds. This is why many manufacturers equip them with frames or bottom weights to keep the rubber guards in place.

Sheet metal mud guards, on the other hand, are offered in stainless steel and aluminum. This kind of mud flap is usually used for aesthetic purposes only. This is because they can be a big headache if they get stuck in soft ground. However, despite this disadvantage, sheet metal mud guards are still popular among many car owners because they easily jazz up the appearance of most cars. They also offer complete protection from rocks, dirt and other types of debris often encountered on the road.

To keep your car's mud guards in good condition, use car wash soap to remove stubborn dirt, mud, and dust. If you want to use a special cleaning solution, keep in mind the material the car mud flap is made of. Fortunately, whether you have a rubber or sheet metal mud guard, there are a variety of cleaning products available in the market. For a quick clean-up, you can just hose down the flaps to dislodge small rocks and dirt particles.

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