Connecting different parts of your car to the chassis, the Mitsubishi Precis motor & transmission mount is one of the basic parts in your car. Made for Mitsubishi Precis, the motor & transmission mount helps maintain the engine and transmission in their correct alignments.

The item also helps lessen wobbling and noise. The Mitsubishi Precis motor & transmission mounts work with each other to maintain the torque and lessen vibration transmitted to the car chassis. These mounts are rarely inspected during periodic maintenance. They need to be inspected along with the other vehicle parts; if it is compromised, your mechanic must change it immediately. Most mounts are built from steel and rubber, but rubber is prone to chemicals and vapors. A rubber motor & transmission mount will eventually break and result in vibrations and noises. Problems coming from this degradation will lead to various vehicle items failing. Degraded Mitsubishi Precis mounts may result in broken exhaust pipes and/or a punctured radiator.

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