The Mercury Montego motor & transmission mount is a vital item that interconnects the numerous items of your vehicle to its chassis. The motor & transmission mount, constructed for Mercury Montego, maintains the engine and transmission in their correct alignments.

Vibration and noise are minimized with the help of this part. Torque is controlled and vibration movement to the chassis is kept checked with the Mercury Montego motor & transmission mounts. These mounts are rarely inspected during regular maintenance. Have the mounts monitored with the other automotive components-if you see it's broken, have your technician change it. Many mounts are built from steel and rubber, even though rubber is vulnerable to chemicals and vapors. A rubber motor & transmission mount will soon fail and lead to vibrations and noises. Troubles originating from this degradation will lead to numerous vehicle parts falling apart. Leaking exhaust pipes or a punctured radiator would come into lightdue to the broken Mercury Montego mounts.

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