Connecting different parts of your automobile to the chassis, the Mercury Lynx motor & transmission mount is one of the basic parts in your automobile. Built for Mercury Lynx, the motor & transmission mount keeps the engine and transmission in their right alignments.

The item helps in minimizing vibration and noise. The Mercury Lynx motor & transmission mounts work hand in hand to maintain the torque and minimize vibration transferred to the automobile chassis. These mounts are rarely checked during regular maintenance. They should be monitored together with the other car components; when it is damaged, your mechanic must replace it quickly. Steel and rubber mounts are the commonly-used materials, although rubber is more prone to wear and tear when subjected to damaging elements. As soon as a motor & transmission mount made of rubber deteriorates, movements will be sensed and noises will be heard originating from the connection points. Components suddenly deteriorating and unexpected acceleration will result if left unchecked. Broken exhaust pipes or a punctured radiator would resultbecause of the damaged Mercury Lynx mounts.

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