The Hyundai Sonata motor & transmission mount is a essential part that joins the numerous parts of your vehicle to its chassis. The motor & transmission mount, constructed for Hyundai Sonata, keeps the engine and transmission in their right alignments.

The part also helps reduce shaking and noise. Torque is maintained and vibration movement to the chassis is under control with the Hyundai Sonata motor & transmission mounts. These mounts are often overlooked during regular routine maintenance, such as during an oil change. Do inspect the mounts together with the other automotive components; just in case they must be replaced, you can let your mechanic to attach new ones. Many mounts are constructed from steel and rubber, but rubber is prone to heat and vapors. When a rubber motor & transmission mount degrades, shaking will be experienced and sounds will be noticed from the connection points. When left as is, this can cause components to fall apart and unintentional acceleration. Broken Hyundai Sonata mounts could cause exhaust pipes to drip or the radiator to be pierced.

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