Car Motor And Transmission Mounts

The motor and transmission mount is a hugely underrated component. In an engine and transmission system, this mount protects the engine from vibrations and shock. Aside from providing protection, it also isolates your cabin from the noise coming from the engine and transmission system. More importantly, this mount serves as an attachment point to the chassis.

Motor and transmission mounts are made of either rubber or steel. In some cases, polyurethane is used since this material is not prone to melting and corrosion unlike regular rubber motor mounts. Once mounted, this component allows a certain amount of rotation so it could dampen the shock that the engine and transmission parts receive. It also aligns various linkages, making it essential to the transmission system. With the many roles it plays, it's surprising how many people take this mount for granted. Worse, a car motor and transmission mount gets damaged easily as heat, pressure, and toxic chemicals will eventually wear it out.

Once this mount breaks down, the transmission can become misaligned, which can then lead to serious internal damage. Signs you need to watch out for include excessive shaking during start-up, a thump when braking hard or speeding up, and an extremely flexible chassis. Also take a closer look at the linkages, hoses, and wiring to see if any part tightens up when you place the car on drive. If this is the case, then you probably need to have the motor and transmission mount checked and replaced.

If you need to install an OE replacement mount, you can actually do it at your own garage as long as you have the equipment and tools. To avoid accidents, make sure that the car is jacked up properly and that you're wearing the right eyewear. Metal parts, fluids, and dirt particles can cause serious eye damage so make sure you wear safety glasses. Another important tool you'll need is a high-quality anti-seize gel. This product can help prevent transmission fasteners and bolts from seizing up. Before tightening the parts back in place, don't forget to put some of this gel on the surfaces of the components.

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