Car Mirror Glasses

Your car's mirrors are safety accessories that help you see blind spots especially when transferring lanes or when backing up. But to get a clear view every time, you need to regularly clean the mirror glass. Just imagine if you have to back up from a narrow driveway and the driver's side view mirror is foggy or full of scratches. You might accidentally hit an object, or worse, a pedestrian if you can't clearly see the blind spots. To avoid getting into tricky situations, follow the cleaning tips below.

When keeping your car's mirror glasss clean and crystal clear, only use a glass cleaner that doesn't contain abrasive or harmful substances. But don't spray the cleaner directly onto the glass. Instead, spray it on a lint-free cloth and use that to wipe the glass clean. Now don't let the cleaner stay on the glass surface for too long; wipe it off with a dry, lint-free rag to prevent the cleaning solution from getting into the edges of the mirror. For small scratches, you can easily remove them with a buffer and whitening toothpaste or jeweler's rouge. Simply put a small amount of toothpaste or rouge into the buffer and buff the damaged area. For your safety, use a dust mask. Remember to buff the scratched mirror glass as carefully as possible since too much force can damage it.

If the scratch is too deep or the glass is severely damaged, you'll need to replace it. To find the right replacement part, keep in mind the kind of glass your car mirror needs. Rear and side mirrors are standards in passenger cars, while angle and towing mirrors are necessary for trucks and tow vehicles. When buying sideview mirrors, don't forget that the driver's side usually requires a planar type while the passenger's side uses a convex kind.

When installing the new car mirror glass, you can just use adhesive patches that are already included in most replacement kits. For best results though, you can use additional adhesives such as urethane and silicone to secure the glass in place. To attach the new glass, remove the old one from the backing plate and clean the area with alcohol or glass cleaner. Locate the contact points and press the stick-on patches firmly into place before peeling off the release liner. Then carefully line-up the replacement glass and press it in place.

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