Car Mirrors

More than just accessories, mirrors are needed in all vehicles for safety reasons. These components faithfully reflect objects covered by blind spots so as to guide you while changing lanes or backing up. You can install various kinds of mirrors with different purposes. These auto mirror types include towing, automatic dimming rearview, side, wide-angle, and power mirrors.

For vehicles such as trucks that are used for towing objects, towing mirrors are usually required. These are attachments or replacement outside accessories that slip onto a vehicle's existing mirrors to give the additional visibility needed to tow safely. An automatic dimming rearview mirror automatically shifts to "night" mode when it sees bright lights. Many vehicles are equipped with this accessory but it can also be purchased from auto stores as an aftermarket part. Some of these specialty mirrors come with a built-in compass and an outside temperature read out. Wide-angle varieties give a much wider view than the standard types. Frequently sold as safety products, wide-angle outside mirrors can eliminate blind spots and make it possible to see kids, pets, toys, and other objects behind a vehicle that are close to the ground.

To fully take advantage of what an automotive mirror can do for you, you need to adjust it properly. This is especially helpful if you're driving on a multi-lane highway. Once you get inside your car, double-check the rearview and side mirrors and see if all the blind spots are covered. If you can see the sides of your vehicle on both the left and right mirrors, then you need to push them outward. As for the rearview mirror, it should provide a clear view of cars or any objects at the back of your vehicle. Whether you're backing up or changing lanes on a highway, mirrors are safety accessories you can rely on.

Aside from regularly checking a car mirror if it's positioned properly, you also need to clean it regularly for a crystal clear view. The best products to use are glass cleaners that you can easily spray and wipe off without having to rinse with water. When wiping the glass dry, use only a lint-free cloth or paper towels to prevent scratches. You can also use newspaper when wiping your car's mirrors.

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