Car Main Bearing Sets

Bearings inside your car's engine help reduce friction while maintaining clearance between stationary and rotating components. These parts are found in the connecting rod, camshaft, cylinder block, and crankshaft. Bearings found in the crankshaft are called crankshaft main bearings. The parts of a main bearing set can be subjected to both a radial and an axial load (separately or a combination of), and can be classified as plain or journal bearings.

Main bearings are placed between the crankshaft and the engine block. Most engines have two main bearings which are placed or found on both ends of the crankshafts. However, newer engine models could have three or more main bearings, depending on the engine type. If your car has a V8 engine, you'll need a five-piece car main bearing set. For a six-cylinder engine, seven bearings are required. To keep the crankshafts spinning as smoothly as possible, the bearings should always be coated with oil.

Because the parts of main bearing sets are regularly exposed to friction, the materials used in making them should be highly resistant to wear and tear, corrosion, and extremely high temperatures. Some of the materials used are bi-material, Babbitt metal, bronze, and cast iron. However, more and more manufacturers are going for aluminum bearings since these are less expensive compared to bi- or tri-metal parts. Aluminum alloys are also more durable and contain silicone, making them less prone to engine seizure. Using aluminum bearings is also more environment-friendly than using lead-based components.

But no matter how durable bearings are, they are still prone to wear and tear. Major contributors to bearing failure include exposure to excessive heat and chemicals, abrasion, lack or loss of lubrication, and too much pressure. A bent or misaligned crankshaft is also one possible culprit behind worn bearings. Dirt particles getting stuck on a bearing's soft material can also cause damage. If the particle protrudes beyond the surface of the bearing, it can bore into the crankshaft. When these components are starting to fail, you need to get your hands on a main bearing set right away. You'll also need one when rebuilding an engine; the main bearings are usually replaced as well since a new engine needs parts that won't easily break down and can keep up with its long-lasting performance.

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