Your car might suffer from poor gas mileage if the Volvo C70 MAP sensor seems to be busted. Without precise readings from the MAP sensor of your Volvo C70, there would be a significant drop in fuel mileage. This engine sensor is a vital unit in a fuel injection system, as it helps the engine control computer adjust the fuel-air mix and ignition timing.

By keeping track of air pressure in the intake manifold, the Volvo C70 MAP sensor lets the engine find out the volume of gas or diesel that has to be mixed together with air to deliver the much-desired torque and horsepower. Aside from making it possible for the ECU to do the necessary adjustments on gas or diesel mix, the signal from the MAP sensor of your Volvo C70 is considered to manage ignition timing, for instance, if this should be delayed or done earlier in able to protect against mild or heavy detonation and several other issues. Correct alerts coming from the MAP sensor allow you to squeeze out good gas mileage and enhanced overall performance from your ride, so once this unit breaks, it must be restored to Volvo C70 sure that your Volvo C70 will function at its best.

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