Your car could have bad fuel mileage once the Suzuki Esteem MAP sensor happens to be broken. Even if your automobile had been tuned up, you can observe a drop in fuel economy once the ECU doesn't acquire the right information from the MAP sensor of your Suzuki Esteem. This engine sensor is an important component in a fuel-injected engine systemsince it helps the engine computer adjust the air-fuel ratio and ignition performance.

By monitoring air pressure within the intake manifold, the Suzuki Esteem MAP sensor allows the car engine to find out the level of fuel that has to be mixed with air to create the needed power. Besides allowing the engine computer to do the needed changes on fuel mix, the signal provided by the MAP sensor of your Suzuki Esteem is used to control ignition timing, whether ignition must be postponed a bit or advanced in order to prevent heavy or mild detonation and several other types of trouble. When you want excellent fuel economy and reliable ride performance, the faulty MAP sensor of Suzuki Esteem has to be repaired using a top-quality stock replacement.

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