With a defective Pontiac Lemans MAP sensor, fuel economy could suffer. Even if your vehicle was checked, you can see a drop in fuel mileage if the ECU fails to receive correct information from the MAP sensor of your Pontiac Lemans. The Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is an important component in a fuel-injected enginesince it helps the PCM Pontiac Lemans adjustment with the fuel-air mixture and ignition timing.

The Pontiac Lemans MAP sensor keeps track of the air pressure within the intake manifold to see how much diesel or gasoline should be added to the mix for the required horsepower and torque. Readings sent by the MAP sensor of your Pontiac Lemans are crucial to precise ignitionto ensure that the vehicle won't experience trouble cranking up the engine and cruising without a hitch. Precise readings coming from the MAP sensor help squeeze out high fuel economy and excellent performance from your automobile, so if this unit conks out, it should be changed to be certain that your Pontiac Lemans can work efficiently.

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