Without a functioning Pontiac MAP sensor on your machine, the best possible fuel burning won't be accomplished and your ride isn't going to be as effective as it can certainly be. The electronic control module on your Pontiac needs a totally working MAP sensor to help it calculate the appropriate volume of gas shot straight into the machine's engine.

Generally, a Pontiac 's MAP sensor transmits manifold pressure info live so that the ECU can calculate the different elements that have an effect on combustion. Manifold pressure info supplied by the MAP sensor is combined with air temp plus the engine's rpm details so that the ECU may appropriately modify your vehicle's electronic injection function. Defective Pontiac MAP sensors will cause inefficient combustion, and you are going to probably shell out a larger sum when it comes to gas expenses. The top plan is to fit a fresh sensor on your Pontiac soon to be certain the ECU can regulate fuel injection the right way.

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