Your ride will suffer from bad gas mileage if the Mitsubishi Eclipse MAP sensor happens to be damaged. Devoid of accurate information from the MAP sensor of your Mitsubishi Eclipse, there would be a significant decrease in fuel economy. Used in a fuel-injected engine, this Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is key to suitable fuel and air mix and precise timing for ignition.

By way of monitoring air pressure inside the intake manifold, the Mitsubishi Eclipse MAP sensor lets the automotive engine figure out the amount of diesel or gasoline that needs to be mixed with air to yield the required output. Other than making it possible for the ECU to help Mitsubishi Eclipse the necessary adjustments on fuel mixture, the information coming from the MAP sensor of your Mitsubishi Eclipse is taken into consideration to control timed ignition, for instance, if this should be backed off or advanced in order to protect against heavy or mild detonation and several other issues. When you like high gas mileage and peak ride performance, the flawed MAP sensor of Mitsubishi Eclipse has to be repaired using a top-quality original equipment replacement.

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