Your vehicle will suffer from bad fuel mileage when the Lexus Rx300 MAP sensor is damaged. Devoid of correct readings provided by the MAP sensor of your Lexus Rx300, there could be a substantial decrease in fuel mileage. Used in a fuel-injected engine, this Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is key to suitable air and fuel ratio and perfect ignition timing.

The Lexus Rx300 MAP sensor checks the air pressure in the intake manifold to know simply how much diesel or gasoline should be integrated into the mix for the required torque and horsepower. Signals from the MAP sensor of your Lexus Rx300 are essential to proper ignition, so the vehicle won't experience trouble cranking up the engine and cruising smoothly. Precise alerts sent by the MAP sensor enable you to achieve great fuel efficiency and enhanced overall performance from your auto; if it fails, it should be repaired to be certain that your Lexus Rx300 would function efficiently.

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