Not having a functional Honda Prelude MAP sensor in your vehicle, the best possible burning cannot be achieved and that ride isn't going to be as effective as it could be. A working MAP sensor is needed so as tohelp the electronic control system in providing accurate fuel injection in your Honda Prelude.

The ECU gets real-time manifold pressure information via any Honda Prelude's MAP sensor, permitting the ECU to calculate for diverse aspects influencing the burning of fuel inside the power plant. That ECU Honda Preludes use of manifold pressure stats via the MAP sensor as well as engine speed together with air temperature to compute for the air mass data needed in modifying injection of fuel. Defective Honda Prelude MAP sensors are absolutely going to lead to ineffective burning of fuel, and you are going to probably spend a higher sum on gas expenses. Your top course of action is to mount a fresh probe onto the Honda Prelude soon to be certain the ECU will alter fuel injection the right way.

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