If you have a busted Honda Odyssey MAP sensor, fuel economy might drop. Even though your auto had been checked, you would notice a drop in gas mileage whenever the engine control computer doesn't receive accurate readings from the MAP sensor of your Honda Odyssey. Used in a fuel-injected engine, this sensor is crucial to ideal fuel-air mix and exact ignition timing.

The Honda Odyssey MAP sensor keeps track of the air pressure within the intake manifold to find out exactly how much fuel has to be included in the air-fuel mixture for the needed output. Apart from allowing the PCM to do the needed corrections on diesel or gasoline mixture, the information coming from the MAP sensor of your Honda Odyssey is considered to control timing of ignition, for instance, if this should be backed off or advanced to avoid mild or heavy detonation and many other issues. Should you want great fuel efficiency and peak car performance, the faulty MAP sensor of Honda Odyssey must be restored with a topnotch original equipment replacement.

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