Your car would experience decreased fuel economy when the Honda Element MAP sensor is broken. Devoid of the right input coming from the MAP sensor of your Honda Element, there would be a substantial drop in fuel economy. Used in a fuel injection system, this sensor helps achieve preferred fuel-air mixture and accurate ignition timing.

Simply by overseeing air pressure within the intake manifold, the Honda Element MAP sensor allows the car engine to determine the volume of diesel or gasoline that must be blended together with air to produce sufficient output. Apart from allowing the engine control computer to Honda Element the necessary adjustments on fuel ratio, the signal coming from the MAP sensor of your Honda Element is taken into consideration to manage timed ignition, whether it must be backed off or advanced to avoid heavy or mild detonation and several other problems. Precise readings from the MAP sensor allow you to extract better gas mileage and excellent efficiency from your motor vehicle, that's why when the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor breaks, the sensor should be fixed to be certain that your Honda Element can perform smoothly.

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