Your vehicle can experience bad gas mileage in case the Honda Crx MAP sensor is ruined. If not for accurate input coming from the MAP sensor of your Honda Crx, there would be a substantial drop in fuel efficiency. The Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is an essential device in a fuel injection systembecause it helps the PCM set the air-fuel mix and ignition timing.

By keeping track of air pressure in the intake manifold, the Honda Crx MAP sensor allows the car engine to figure out the level of fuel that must be mixed with air to create sufficient torque and horsepower. Besides allowing the engine computer to help Honda Crx the needed changes on fuel ratio, the information from the MAP sensor of your Honda Crx is taken into consideration to manage timed ignition, like if ignition should be delayed or advanced in able to prevent spark knock and several other issues. Precise alerts from the MAP sensor help extract good fuel efficiency and excellent overall performance from your vehicle; when it fails, the sensor should be fixed to Honda Crx sure that your Honda Crx would work at its best.

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