Honda Civic Del Sol MAP Sensor

If you have a flawed Honda Civic Del Sol MAP sensor, fuel mileage would suffer. Though your auto had already been checked, you would see a declining gas mileage whenever the engine control computer doesn't acquire precise information sent by the MAP sensor of your Honda Civic Del Sol. This engine sensor is a vital unit in a fuel injection system; it helps the PCM Honda Civic Del Sol adjustment with the fuel-air ratio and timed ignition.

The Honda Civic Del Sol MAP sensor oversees the air pressure in the intake manifold to find out simply how much fuel must be put into the mix to come up with the desired horsepower and torque. Other than enabling the ECU to do the required corrections on fuel mixture, the information coming from the MAP sensor of your Honda Civic Del Sol is taken into consideration to regulate ignition timing, whether this needs to be backed off or advanced in order to avoid detonation and several other issues. When you wish for great gas mileage and peak auto performance, the broken MAP sensor of Honda Civic Del Sol needs to be fixed by using a high-grade replacement.

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