Because of a busted Honda Civic MAP sensor, fuel mileage would suffer. Even if your ride was checked, you would detect bad fuel economy whenever the PCM fails to receive the right information coming from the MAP sensor of your Honda Civic. The Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is a crucial unit in a fuel-injected enginesince it helps the engine computer fix the air-fuel ratio and ignition performance.

The Honda Civic MAP sensor oversees the air pressure in the intake manifold to find out exactly how much diesel or gasoline ought to be included in the mix for the needed power. Signals from the MAP sensor of your Honda Civic are crucial to precise timing of ignitionto ensure that the ride won't encounter problems with starting and running smoothly. If you wish for excellent gas mileage and reliable auto functionality, the flawed MAP sensor of Honda Civic should be repaired with a high-grade stock replacement.

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