Because of a busted Dodge Dakota MAP sensor, fuel mileage might suffer. Even if your motor vehicle had already been serviced, you can detect a declining fuel economy once the engine control computer doesn't acquire the right signals from the MAP sensor of your Dodge Dakota. Feature in a fuel injection system, this this type of sensor helps achieve preferred fuel-air ratio and accurate timing for ignition.

The Dodge Dakota MAP sensor keeps tabs on the air pressure inside the intake manifold to know exactly how much diesel or gasoline should be added to the air-fuel mixture to come up with the much-needed horsepower and torque. Signals from the MAP sensor of your Dodge Dakota are crucial to accurate ignition timingto ensure that the auto won't encounter problems with starting and performing efficiently. If you wish for excellent gas mileage and peak vehicle functionality, the broken MAP sensor of Dodge Dakota needs to be restored with a topnotch stock replacement.

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