If you have a faulty Chevrolet Beretta MAP sensor, fuel economy might go low. Though your vehicle had already been tuned up, you can notice a drop in fuel mileage if the ECU does not receive correct readings sent by the MAP sensor of your Chevrolet Beretta. The sensor is an important unit in a fuel injection system; it helps the engine control computer adjust the air and fuel mixture and timed ignition.

The Chevrolet Beretta MAP sensor monitors the air pressure within the intake manifold to find out how much fuel ought to be included in the air-fuel mixture to come up with the needed output. In addition to allowing the engine computer to Chevrolet Beretta the needed adjustments on diesel or gasoline mixture, the information coming from the MAP sensor of your Chevrolet Beretta is considered to manage timed ignition, for instance, if it must be backed off or advanced in able to avoid mild or heavy detonation and other problems. If you opt for high gas mileage and reliable auto efficiency, the faulty MAP sensor of Chevrolet Beretta should be fixed by using a top-quality original equipment replacement.

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