Due to a busted Buick Skylark MAP sensor, fuel economy may drop. Though your auto was tuned up, you may see a declining fuel efficiency when the PCM doesn't get the right signals sent by the MAP sensor of your Buick Skylark. This engine sensor is a vital part in a fuel-injected enginesince it helps the engine computer Buick Skylark adjustment with the air-fuel mixture and ignition timing.

The Buick Skylark MAP sensor monitors the air pressure within the intake manifold to discover exactly how much fuel has to be integrated into the mixture for the desired output. Alerts sent by the MAP sensor of your Buick Skylark can help with accurate timing of ignitionto ensure that the automobile will not encounter difficulties with cranking up the engine and functioning smoothly. Accurate alerts sent by the MAP sensor allow you to extract high fuel efficiency and enhanced efficiency from your automobile, so if it fails, the sensor must be fixed to be certain that your Buick Skylark could perform at its best.

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