Your auto may experience decreased fuel efficiency once the Buick Lesabre MAP sensor seems to be broken. Without precise information coming from the MAP sensor of your Buick Lesabre, there would be a substantial decrease in gas mileage. The Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is a vital unit in a fuel injection system; it helps the PCM fix the fuel and air mix and timing for ignition.

By way of overseeing air pressure within the intake manifold, the Buick Lesabre MAP sensor lets the car engine figure out the amount of fuel that must be mixed together with air to deliver the much-desired power. Apart from enabling the engine control computer to do the necessary adjustments on gas or diesel ratio, the signal from the MAP sensor of your Buick Lesabre is taken into consideration to manage timing of ignition, whether ignition must be postponed a bit or done earlier to prevent spark knock and other problems. Should you want great fuel economy and dependable motor vehicle functionality, the damaged MAP sensor of Buick Lesabre needs to be restored with a top-quality replacement.

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