Because of a defective Acura Nsx MAP sensor, fuel mileage would suffer. Without correct signals provided by the MAP sensor of your Acura Nsx, there can be a significant drop in fuel efficiency. Found in a fuel injection system, this Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor is key to much-desired air and fuel mixture and exact ignition timing.

By keeping track of air pressure within the intake manifold, the Acura Nsx MAP sensor allows the car engine to determine the level of fuel that has to be added together with air to generate sufficient power. In addition to enabling the ECU to help Acura Nsx the needed changes on diesel or gasoline ratio, the signal provided by the MAP sensor of your Acura Nsx is used to control timed ignition, whether this has to be advanced or backed off in able to avoid heavy or mild detonation and several other issues. Precise alerts from the MAP sensor let you achieve high gas mileage and enhanced efficiency from your motor vehicle; if it conks out, the sensor must be changed to ensure that your Acura Nsx could function at its peak.

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