Car Lowering Springs

Lowering springs are specially engineered mechanisms that are used to lower your car's suspension. They take the place of standard coil springs in the strut or suspension assembly of the vehicle. These parts are usually made of steel alloy for extra strength and durability. Popular materials used in making these springs include stainless steel, chrome-silicon, and oil-tempered low carbon. To prevent the newly upgraded suspension from performing poorly against excessive vibration and rattling, lowering coils have increased spring rates.

To upgrade your suspension, you'll need four lowering springs, one for each wheel. Now each of these wheels will have to be removed in order to install the springs. But before you start with the installation, make sure the car is jacked up properly. This way it'll be easier to remove the bolts that secure the ABS wire in place (if applicable) and the other parts that connect the strut to the spindle. After removing the bolts, the strut towers are next, which, depending on the make and model of your car, may be inside the hood and the trunk or under the seats. You'll have to remove the top nut first, then the top plate, and finally, the inner bushing. When installing or removing springs, you'll also need a compressor, a device that allows you to easily and safely handle them.

Using springs to lower your vehicle has several advantages. First, it's way cheaper than using coilovers. Because many top brands now offer high-quality products at affordable prices, you have more budget-friendly yet durable choices if you go for lowering springss. Second, you can expect better ride quality because a lowered suspension means less body roll. Third, using springs to lower your car will make every turn smoother and faster because of quicker steering response. And fourth, lowering your car is a great way of giving your car a sportier look without having to weld or cut anything.

You have to remember though that upgrading the suspension may also require you to upgrade other parts such as the shocks. When you install car lowering springs, it's advisable to get new shocks that can handle your car's new ride height. You may also need to get a camber correction kit to make sure your tires' tread is aligned. Double-check other components to see if they also need to be upgraded to make sure the entire suspension system will work as smoothly as possible.

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