Car Lowering Kits

Have you always wanted a sportier looking car without having to do a major overhaul? Then what you need is a lowering kit, which is used to modify a car's height. Apart from installation hardware, it also includes a new set of springs that is designed to replace the vehicle's original coils. Some kits can offer up to a three-inch drop in the height of your vehicle without performing major modifications like cutting or welding.

Lowering your car's suspension system has several benefits. It eliminates excessive ride vibrations while making the vehicle look sportier. It also leads to a lower center of gravity, which means a faster steering response and lesser body roll. Properly attached lowering springs can also improve road handling and ride quality. And because lowering kits are now more affordable, you can always upgrade your car's looks without busting your funds.

Now upgrading the suspension is a task you can do on your own as long as you have the right equipment and tools. To do this, simply jack the vehicle up for the suspension to hang. Remove any part that might get in the way including the brake line and the ABS sensor wire. Support the front spindle with another jack and remove the strut by unbolting three top strut mounting nuts from the engine compartment. Use a spring compressor to decompress the coil until it can be removed. For safety purposes, use a chain to lock the coil. Using the same spring compressor, install the new spring that came with the lowering kit. Make sure that it matches your preferred ground clearance for the vehicle.

Once you've installed the kit, make sure to regularly maintain your newly upgraded suspension. The parts of this kit are built to withstand your car's new ride height and even outperform standard components but regular check-ups are important to prevent problems. In some cases and depending on your car make and the car lowering kit you've installed, you may need to purchase a new anti-sway bar or a camber kit. These additional accessories ensure that the tread of your tires are properly aligned after lowering the car's suspension. Don't forget to check the undercarriage parts and see if they need to be upgraded as well.

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