Car Lights

Lights are also used as add-ons for vehicles. Many car and truck enthusiasts use lighting accessories to give added form and function for their vehicles. Lighting add-ons have a wide range of functions, including safety, visibility, and aesthetics. These components are made with tougher housings and better lenses, making them effective performance parts. For most light add-ons, installation can be quite difficult. Since these are additional lighting systems, setting them up usually involves major body modifications.

In the past, the strobe light components were popular add-ons for the chassis of the vehicle. These one-of-a-kind accessories create bursts of light in fast intervals, creating a disco feel. This trend was succeeded by LED lights and neon lighting components. Sure enough, these accessories add excellent resale value to the vehicles they're installed on. There also a number of different bulb varieties, which are used for customized light generation. These days, halogen bulbs are very popular for their extra strong light projection. Xenon bulbs are widely used, as well.

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