Car License Plate Brackets

Driving with a worn license plate bracket? Then you should consider installing a new set of replacements. These brackets support a vital accessory of your vehicle, the license plate. According to United States traffic regulations, all vehicles should be equipped with a number plate. On selected models, the plates come in pairs (one attached to the front and another attached to the rear). However, with a loose bracket, a plate would easily detach from your auto body. This'll quickly turn into a major headache as you'll end up getting pulled over each time a policeman sees your missing plate.

The plate carries a unique serial number that is used to distinguish the car from other vehicles on the road. Every license plate has a frame that holds it, which is called the license plate bracket. It supports the plate in a stable and visible position. This part is often exposed to dirt, debris, and moisture, making them prone to rust and corrosion. To extend its service life, simply coat it with anti-rust sprays on a regular basis. However, when the damage is too much, you're better off getting a brand-new replacement.

Replacement license plate brackets are available in an array of styles and designs to allow you to set your vehicle apart from others on the road. Stylish and colorful plate brackets will surely add a touch of personality to your ride without going overboard. There are personalized license plate brackets which provide illumination for the license plate and the rear brake light as well. There are also polished aluminum license plate brackets. These accessories are the perfect finishing touches on any vehicle. While most of these replacements are universally sized, there are still some direct-fit units which are easier to install. Also, you should consider buying from an established aftermarket manufacturer. These brands usually offer performance warranties with their products to ensure your purchase.

Installing a car license plate bracket is quite easy. All you need is a replacement unit and a screwdriver and you're good to go. First, disassemble the license plate by unscrewing the bolts from the bumper. Once you've detached the plate, attach it to your brand-new bracket. Fasten the entire assembly to the bumper. You can attach it with your old bolts or brand-new bolts (highly recommended). Tighten the screws and make sure that the plate is properly aligned. Try pulling it down to test the integrity of the job. After that, you're done.

Here at Parts Train, we carry a collection of license plate bracket replacements with different styles and designs to suit your preferences. These units come from established aftermarket manufacturers to guarantee authenticity and performance. You can count on us for all your auto needs!