Nothing is as impressive as the Suzuki pickup when it comes to pulling weighty loads. On the other hand, excessive load might need you to work with Suzuki leaf spring to back up the suspension. Leaf spring is usually attached to help in keeping the tires on the ground if the weight about to be towed is more than the automobile can work with. This cuts down the tension on the suspension which may impact the truck or van's operation.

A Suzuki auto normally has a leaf spring mounted on the actual the cargo. There are lots of forms of leaf springs for Suzuki such as monoleaf springs, multileaf springs, double-eye leaf springs, and open-eye leaf springs. Suzuki leaf springs' primary distinctions lay in the contour and toughness limit; the actual monoleaf springs usually do not provide a lot of durability as compared to the multileaf springs, while double-eye leaf springs and open eye vary on the style and design.

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