In case you wish to create more energy from your engine, advance the timing of the valves as far as the system permits. And to guide you on getting the task right is the Toyota Highlander knock sensor. It'll create current once the valves are overly advance, which in turn, emits audible pinging or knocking disturbances. The sensor employs this impact-produced electricity as signal to your engine computer. In this case, an engine computer works to retard the timing of the valves in response to the knock sensor warning, or, in old automobiles, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is initiated.

Your Toyota Highlander knock sensor detects pinging or knocking, which indicates that you've attained the boundary in advancing your engine's valves. Pinging is the audible sound that pressure waves in your cylinder creates when it bumps onto the cylinder walls or even the piston of your own engine. This is a happening that's specific to super-advanced VVT. A good knock sensor easily registers this occurrence because it's created from Piezoelectric components or crystals that immediately reacts to impacts by simply producing current.

Whenever the Toyota Highlander knock sensor is busted, your engine computer is provided with incorrect information. Don't ever permit this to happen; get a dependable replacement from top names just like Beck Arnley, Replacement, and Delphi at Parts Train!