In case you want to acquire more energy through your engine, advance the timing of its valves as much as the system permits. To guide you with this is the Nissan Cube knock sensor. This part is a kind of electronic control unit that reacts to the fuel-air pre-detonation by creating voltage when it is disturbed. Your sensor uses its generated voltage to alert the vehicle computer. At the very first indication of irregularity, this particular computer triggers the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) or perhaps quickly retards the pre-set Variable Valve Timing (VVT) of the vehicle.

When you advance your current VVT, make certain that your Nissan Cube knock sensor is working perfectly so it can help you find the safe timing of your own valves. Pinging is just the audible sound that the pressure waves in your cylinder leaves if this bumps on the cylinder walls or even the piston of the engine. This usually takes place when your valve timing is advanced beyond the limit. Your sensor effortlessly picks up the occurrence of pinging because it's produced from Piezoelectric resources or crystals that immediately reacts to influences by generating current.

In the event the Nissan Cube knock sensor is undoubtedly badly manufactured or perhaps presently broken, the engine is at risk. Don't ever let this take place; look for a efficient alternative made by top names including Beck Arnley, Replacement, and Delphi at Parts Train!