For a well-built ride, your Mercedes Benz vehicle has prided itself with excellent handling characteristics and fuel efficiency features. To enable your engine systems to reach the best possible fuel economy it could deliver, you must take careful attention to the working state of your Mercedes Benz knock sensor. Due to the continuously increasing fuel rates, it gives your vehicle the protection against power robbing and potentially destructive engine knock. Geared towards optimum combination of excellent air-fuel ratio and ignition timing, it makes a valuable investment that eliminates fuel wastage and optimizes overall engine performance.

Complement your Mercedes Benz ride with heavy duty and quality Mercedes Benz knock sensor replacements. Conveniently available for specific vehicle applications, its high grade and durable construction yields huge savings on less frequent replacement and fuel resource costs. Enabling you to continually enjoy performance and fuel efficiency gains, it efficiency picks out combustion efficiency information that is delivered to the engine control unit (ECU) so the system will be able to make all the necessary adjustments to boost overall engine output.

As the name implies, your engine knock sensors functions in detecting early symptoms of engine knock. The ignition process requires tremendous amount of energy to start up your engine. Much of your fuel and engine power is supplied to the system to ensure quick ignition and increase spark advance. When the fuel is not ignited or burned too soon, engine knock occurs. With too much advance, performance may start fouling up and result to fuel wastage ad power robbing. Engine knock must be prevented to prevent damaging your pistons, head gaskets, connecting rods, exhaust valves, and spark plugs which are critical to all engine processes.

Engine knock sensors are installed on your engine block fastened by a clamp to secure it in place against engine vibrations. Its strategic location comes in handy to establish the efficiency of its service. It is designed to be sensitive to high frequency vibrations coming from your combustion chambers. By instantly detecting detonation due to too much advance, engine knock may be prevented. Realizing the necessity of its service, you must keep the part in top notch working conditions. Though its durability withstands the harshest working conditions, stock sensors will eventually lose its efficiency and need replacement.

Thanks to the continuously increasing gas prices, you need to keep your knock sensors in proper working condition to save gas and engine power. In case the part goes bad, finding the right replacement is easy and simple. Visit Parts Train for a wide selection of model specific applications available for Mercedes Benz knock sensors. Go on and seal your premium knock sensor deals with us for we offer convenient 24/7 online shopping to complete your automotive needs with fast and easy ordering.