Engine knock is one of the major problems you could possibly handle throughout your vehicle's lifetime. While this problem greatly affects ignition performance as well as fuel economy, the occurrence of such problem needs to be immediately detected so it will not compromise engine performance or eventually cause more serious problems. To do that, modern engine configurations have incorporated the use of electronic sensors to instantly caution the engine control unit of possibly brewing engine knock. In the case of your vehicle, a sophisticated Kia Sportage knock sensor is employed to keep track of how efficient your engine ignition system works. While it is directly connected to your engine computer, it could caution the unit to make timely and necessary adjustments to ensure smooth and even ignition performance.

Your stock Kia Sportage knock sensor is actually the heart of your engine management system. With its efficient service, your engine could continually generate excellent air-fuel mixtures which lead to cleaner and more efficient combustion. With its practical applications, your engine establishes excellent fuel economy status with substantially increased overall engine output by causing the ignition system to deliver outstanding ignition timing and advance. While you can rake tremendous performance gains with properly working knock sensors, you must be wary of faulty ones. Problematic sensors could actually mess up the critical performance settings of ignition operations. Needless to say, you need to immediately correct sensor problems once you suspect its occurrence so as not to compromise the functional aspects of your Kia Sportage ride.

Once your stock knock sensor fails to tell the engine computer that one of the combustion cylinders is knocking, less power may be generated. This might lead to poor drivability due to underpowered engine systems. Putting up with the use of faulty knock sensors is poor economy for it ill only do more harm than good in keeping up with the demands of engine operations. For preventive maintenance, make it a habit to periodically check the sensor's resistance and compare it to its factory specs. Also, check its connections and look for broken or frayed wires. When knock sensor replacement becomes necessary, consider having it replaced high quality and factory-math sensor applications to instantly resume its great valued service.

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