The engine is the one that powers up your car to allow it to run. A properly maintained engine is essential to allow you to drive your car without delays or troubles. There are instances though that engine trouble is unavoidable. Sometimes you would just hear a knocking sound in your engine. This could mean that there is something wrong with the engine and with the way it is performing. Good thing knock sensors are equipped in vehicles to determine any engine knock at an early stage. Knock sensors basically works in detecting engine knock and sending a voltage signal to the engine computer. The computer then uses this signal to control timing. A fully functional knock sensor is vital in your Jeep Cherokee ride to ensure that you get top quality engine performance in any driving application.

Engine knock basically happens within a specific frequency range. Knocking is caused by an ignition timing that is too advanced for the octane rating and operating conditions. Your Jeep Cherokee knock sensor mounted in the engine block, cylinder head or intake manifold is designed to detect that frequency. A piezoelectric element is equipped inside the knock sensor. This generates a voltage when pressure is applied to it; thus it designed to be in tuned to the engine knock frequency. High performance engine are a lot more subject to detonating. If the boost is too high, the timing will be too advanced causing detonation. If the engine detonates, it builds high pressure waves that can damage the bearings, crankshaft and pistons. As such, it is vital that the sensor is in top condition in order to effectively determine this knocking.

Routine inspection and maintenance of your Jeep Cherokee knock sensor is vital to ensure of its dependable service. If the sensor is too tight or too loose, it can affect the measurable frequency band. If incorrectly tightened, it will incorrectly sense vibrations in the engine believing that there is a problem. If you feel any significant decrease in the power of your engine, it could mean that the sensor is failing. As the sensor retards, you need to immediately repair it or secure replacement. Immediately repairing any knock sensor trouble will save your engine from detonation and save you from costly repairs and replacements.

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