Ideal ignition operations should have the spark occur as the piston reaches top dead center (TDC). The spark must travel across the combustion chamber for a total burn of the fuel and air mixture, exactly as the piston returns down to the cylinder. Logically, the fuel and air mixture takes longer to be burned and for this reason that an advanced timing is required. The advanced timing along with the design of the combustion chamber can generate an incremental increase in engine power, fuel economy, and better emissions. But with the aim to get more performance from the engine, too much advance can later lead to an engine knock. This can give you poor engine performance and the risk of having an engine failure is great. As the name implies, a knock causes vibrations and banging in the cylinder and the engine.

In order to determine if a knock is present in your engine, the Jaguar knock sensor is employed. This is a useful device that senses whenever there is an uneven burning of fuel in the engine that causes "knocking" or irregular vibrations. It is made up of an electric coil that is wired firmly around two ceramic rods which have a magnet at the middle. The vibration in the engine causes also the rods to vibrate. When this happens, the coils' magnetic field is disturbed and alters the current passing into the coil. This disturbance is caught by the knock sensor, wherein it works by transmitting this signal pattern to the computer for it to analyze. Then the computer shall interpret the vibrations and determine whether it comes from an engine knock.

If knocking occurs in the engine, the Jaguar knock sensor detects the increase and abnormal vibration and sends an accurate signal to the vehicle's computer. Then, the computer will slightly retard the timing until the sensor signals at normal reference level. Always check the functions of your sensor, so as to benefit constantly from its efficiency. It can be checked using a tester that connects across the sensor terminals. Have the engine warmed up and run, then rap on the block near the sensor. The tester must flash once you hit the block, which indicates that the sensor is working and sends a signal to the computer.

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