Knock, knock isn't only heard through cracking jokes nor on doors alone, there are actually times when you'd hear it from your engine's compartments. Not that it is trying to fool you and make you laugh, or someone's about to come in from deep inside your engine. The knocks that you often hear from your engine's compartment are natural high frequency vibrations caused by detonation, which isn't because of anything near a bomb threat either, in case you're wondering. The detonation mentioned here is related to auto troubles, although it also refers to an explosion, doesn't necessarily mean a major deadly chaotic, smoking, blast or the likes. It's actually an unwanted explosion of the air and fuel mixture in your vehicle's combustion chamber.

This explosion with the fuel and air mixture explanation is caused by excessive heat and compression, troubles in timing, and frequently a result of an overly lean mixture, which also means an imbalance of mixture for your engine's requirement in producing the energy needed to run the motors. All in all, detonation causes the knocks that you hear and when there's knocking, there's something wrong in your engine's system.

For some, car owners install a Honda Accord knock sensor in their Honda Accord cars. This is so that they'd be able to manage possible knocks in their engine and at the same time, the knock sensor allows the engine to work and operate close to its detonation limit. Now if you're wondering why would you want your auto to operate near it's detonation limit when detonation means bad and is a warning actually, the answer is because engines sends out more power and works more efficiently when it's close to detonating. Therefore, the knock sensor is actually a sensor that at the same time fakes a knock for the engine's benefit.

Most new generation cars like new Honda Accord's are equipped with Honda Accord knock sensors. This must be maintained and checked to be working all the time to avoid engine troubles. The condition of the knocks too might be taken for granted if you have failed to notice the malfunction of your knock sensor. A good maintenance scheme for this sort of part is to replace it whenever advised by its life span. You can easily purchase a quality replacement Honda Accord knock sensor here in Parts Train where you are assured of a part that would give you long lasting service and performance that you'd want your car to have and experience. For more details, you can browse around our catalog of parts or you can contact a customer service representative that is always ready to assist you anytime.