Advancing the valve timing of your engine is going to improve its own firing stroke thereby, its created power. To help you in getting the task right is the Ford Thunderbird knock sensor. It will generate voltage once the valves are over-advanced, which in turn, produces audible pinging or knocking disturbances. This sensor uses this electricity as alarm to the vehicle computer. The engine computer functions to retard the timing of the valves in response to the knock sensor warning, and in older vehicles, a particular Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is actually triggered.

Your Ford Thunderbird knock sensor senses pinging or knocking, which means that you've reached the limit in advancing your valves. It'll sense pinging in the engine at the first symptom that means pressure waves are already leaving its specific ignition point too soon that it crashes to your cylinder walls or on the piston. It's a happening that's incomparable to overly advanced VVT. But what make the sensor capable for its task is the Piezoelectric materials employed to build it.

In the event the Ford Thunderbird knock sensor is undoubtedly badly manufactured or perhaps presently damaged, the engine is definitely at stake. Don't permit this to happen; look for a dependable substitute from best names just like Beck Arnley, Replacement, and Delphi at Parts Train!