Advancing the valve timing of your engine will surely improve its own firing operation thereby, its generated power. And to guide you on getting the task right is the Dodge Stealth knock sensor. This part is an electronic control unit that responds on your fuel-air pre-detonation by creating voltage once it's impacted. This sensor uses this current to alert your engine computer. Your engine computer operates to retard the timing of the valves in reply to the knock sensor warning, as well as in older vehicles, a particular Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is activated.

If you will advance your VVT, make certain that your Dodge Stealth knock sensor is functioning just fine so that it can help you look for the safe timing of your valves. It's going to sense pinging inside the engine right at the first sign, meaning the pressure waves are already leaving specific ignition point too soon that it crashes to your cylinder walls or on the piston. This typically develops when the actual valve timing is advanced beyond the limit. But what get the sensor effective for this function is the Piezoelectric resources utilized to construct it.

When the Dodge Stealth knock sensor is actually poorly made or already broken, the engine is definitely at stake. Choose Beck Arnley, Replacement, and Delphi direct-replacement parts in exchange to your sensor at Parts Train!