Is it annoying for you to hear loud knocks from your vehicle's engine compartment? Well, such knocks are nothing but high frequency vibrations as a result of detonation or premature burning of fuel inside the engine's cylinder. Such condition may be caused by lot of factors and among them are excessive deposits of carbon on the cylinders, spark plugs that are too hot for the engine. High temperature in the combustion chamber and very much advance spark tuning. And for the things that such knocks can bring to a vehicle, they need to be properly addressed in the vehicle's engine.

Here are some realities that one should know about his vehicle's engine; such part of the vehicle works in an efficient manner and produces more power if the engine is operating near the detonation level. And for such level to be reached by the vehicle's engine, a good knock sensor such as the Chrysler Concorde knock sensor would be a great help to be in the engine's specification. Such sensor is a piezoelectric sensor or accelerator positioned in the vehicle's engine to detect any high frequency vibration resulting from detonation. Having its piezoelectric element, the knock sensor has the capability to produce or generate voltage whenever there is a certain level of vibration. Once such kind of vibration is detected by the knock sensor, the latter sends a voltage signal to the engine management computer which would adjust the spark timing to prevent detonation.

Performing such functions, the knock sensor maybe also considered as one of the automotive components that are capable of doing two functions at the same time since it allows the vehicle's engine to perform well at the same time it protects the engine from damages caused by detonation. And like the Chrysler Concorde knock sensor, most of the knock sensors are efficient and durable and there is no need for them to be replaced from time to time. However, due to some carelessness, some knock sensors may be damaged as it can be cause by the use of fuel with higher volatility or lower octane ratings than what is recommended.

So even if damages in your vehicle knock sensor has lower possibility, proper maintenance should be also given to this engine component to prevent any damages in the vehicle's engine. But if having it replaced is already a necessity, it is best to visit us here at Parts Train. We have the Chrysler Concorde knock sensor which will perfectly fit into your vehicle's specifications. So, visit our website now!