The Chevrolet knock sensor enables the vehicle to reach an optimal combination of timing and fuel/air mixture to prevent you from wasting gas and enable you to generate power efficiently.  For maximized efficiency, your car needs a top quality knock sensor.  With gas prices being as high as they are nowadays, it's important to stay on top of the condition of your knock sensor in order to save the most amount of money possible on gasoline.  If for any reason your knock sensor is not functioning as it should, replace it immediately.  The knock sensor works by burning fuel quickly and prevents it from combusting in the cylinder.  If you ignore a faulty knock sensor, you could wind up with thousands of dollars worth of damage to your vehicle.  Access our online catalog to find the best deal on the perfect knock sensor for you.  It doesn't matter what model Chevrolet you drive, we've got a knock sensor that will fit your car and your budget.