Advancing the valve timing of your engine improves its own power stroke and thus, its created power. To help you in this is the Buick Riviera knock sensor. This component is an electronic control unit that reacts on your fuel-air pre-detonation by creating voltage the moment it's disturbed. The current it creates is followed by your engine computer. In this case, an engine computer functions to retard the timing of the engine valves in response to the knock sensor alarm, as well as in older vehicles, a particular Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is definitely triggered.

If you'll advance your current VVT, ensure that your Buick Riviera knock sensor is operating perfectly and thus, can help you locate the safe timing of your own valves. Pinging is the sound that the pressure waves inside your combustion chamber creates in the event it bumps onto the cylinder walls or even the piston of your own engine. It generally takes place when the valve timing is advanced beyond the limit. The sensor effortlessly picks up this because it is produced from Piezoelectric resources or crystals which reacts to most impact effects by simply generating electrical current.

Whenever the Buick Riviera knock sensor is busted, your own engine computer is supplied with incorrect data. Never permit this to occur; get a efficient replacement from number one names including Beck Arnley, Replacement, and Delphi at Parts Train!