The Audi knock sensor allows your vehicle to obtain the most effective combination of timing and fuel/air mixture to produce power and efficiency.  By doing this, your engine ends up wasting less gas.  Since gas prices are at an all time high, fuel efficiency has become a top priority for drivers and a high quality knock sensor is a wonderful way to conserve it.  A broken knock sensor can rob your engine's fuel and do serious damage to your engine.  A faulty knock sensor can cause fuel to detonate in the cylinder and ruin your engine.  When the knock sensor is working properly, it prevents your vehicle's fuel from detonating.   When it's time for a new knock sensor, come to us.  Our online catalog is set up to help you locate the knock sensor right for your car fast.  You never have to worry about sifting through thousands of catalog pages, filled with parts you don't need, when you use our online catalog to shop.