The components making up the engine is dependent upon the type of power train. Internal combustion engine types are equipped with an intake manifold which serves as the connecting device of the fuel and air management system and the intake ports in the head area of the car's motor to facilitate easier hydraulic and pneumatic operations. Commonly used intake manifold types are the dual plane or dual level type, open plenum, isolated runner, cross ram, tunnel ram, single plane with partial divider plate and divided single plane.

The intake manifold is one of the stand-out assets of the cool and sporty Pontiac makes and models. The ports are specifically designed with smooth flowing lines for efficiency in the intake of the needed mixture. Intake manifolds can be further modified to achieve the maximum performance capacity of the engine as well as the other mechanisms and systems responsible for the optimum driving dynamics of the car. Modification is easy although it may depend on the type of manifold or the features of the car it is mounted into.

The first usual step is cleaning or polishing the interior area of the manifold. A cutter or sandpaper drums can be used. The next thing to be done is to let the air pass freely but utmost care is needed to do such process. Welding can be done later on although it may not be as easy as you think since it also involve other complex processes such as straightening the bend, shortening the runners and mounting the throttle body in its proper horizontal position.

The intake manifold can be affected by severe heat coming from the header. It is usually located at the top of the exhaust header so it is constantly exposed to heat which can degrade its optimum efficiency and performance. Protection against the radiated heat can be given by an intake manifold heat shield. Aluminum type intakes can be ideally matched with adhesive backed heat barrier to safeguard its painted surfaces especially the plastic areas. Too much temperature of 2000 F can be handled with ease due to its reflective surfaces polished with flexible aluminum finish. Easier installation is also made possible by using the adhesive backings.

Pontiac intake manifold has several sources both on and off the net. Together with the long line-up of designs and types in your nearest local market is the wide stock of aftermarket and OEM replacement in web based stores. Easier and better, online stores can go away with the usual hassles of purchase which involves hopping from one store to the other just to get the replacement that will suit the specification of the car as well as of your budget.